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Y.S. Park Video – first instalment
  • 2011-10-11 (Tue)
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So, while everyone in the office has been busy preparing for Salon International, some of us have been busying ourselves flying around the world (literally) gathering footage for our new endeavour; videos.

With our products, we put a lot of effort into getting our stuff to work sublimely and if you’re a hairdresser, you’ll know instantly what it’s about just by picking it up. While we also put a lot of effort into our photography to convey what they’ be like to use, nothing beats seeing the items in the flesh.  But for those of you who live far away from our dealers and offices and shows, this is our attempt to bridge that gap.

Here’s our first instalment : the YS Carbon Tiger brush

on Youtube: http://youtu.be/Yu6GcEOsG6I

and Facebook: DowaInternational/YS Park

Shot at the YS Park Tokyo Academy & Passion London Studio.

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We hear the sound of wood being sawed from our warehouse, we smell fresh paint wafting through to our office and sense our stress levels hitting new heights.

It can only mean one thing. Salon International is just around the corner!

The biggest hair event in the UK is on for 3 days October 15-17 at the ExCeL in London. We will be bringing all the new products like new PASSION COBALT ORCA, OSAKA ICE, KYOTO PHOENIX, YS PARK GREEN COMBS & TORTOISE BRUSHES that we will launch at the show as well as providing on-the-spot scissor servicing. Leave your scissors with us when you arrive and pick them up on your way out. We will sharpen, polish, balance and check them while you enjoy the rest of the day’s events.

Make sure you get advance tickets for a discounted price at here!





Honestly? This is one true beauty of a beast…and we are so stoked!

May we proudly introduce to the world (preview snippets of!) our new flagship model the PASSION COBALT ORCA.

What’s unique about the ORCA? POWER…and lots of it. Release the beast that is the ORCA and you’ll find that you will be effortlessly stroking through the most wiry, coarse hair that nature can throw at you.

But it doesn’t stop there, the points aren’t the chunky thick ends that you get with other powerful blades. They’re finer and flatter letting you carry on with your usual slicing, point cutting and detailed technical cutting.

Ok, but lets not get carried away.  The Orca won’t be launched until SALON INTERNATIONAL in October and we only have 6 test prototypes in the UK which are still hard at work in salons up and down the country (on strict orders to be kept working until they start to feel blunt!). But so far with the rave reviews lavished on the ORCA  our only worry is whether we’ll ever get our test models back…

No better brush than YS PARK G-Series for heavenly hair.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better but it does for the YS PARK G-Series brushes.

Its better for straightening, better for creating BIG hair,  & better for faster blowdrys.

All this is good news because this summer YS PARK are adding not 1, but 2 new sizes to their best selling G-series brushes. The 65G0 & 66GW0 both add 5mm in overall brush length over the current biggest size 60G1 and an impressive 6-8mm to the boar bristle diameter.

Better yet the 2 new jumbo sizes feature 286 air holes in the wood core barrel allowing hot air to circulate through the hair (not just around it) reducing risk of heat damage and slashing your blow time.

And all this in aid of creating heavenly hair. What more can you ask for?

Left to Right 60G1, 65G0, 66GW0

Left to Right 60G1, 65G0, 66GW0

286 air holes (count them!) in the barrel for speedy blowdrys & no heat damage

286 air holes (count them!) in the barrel for speedy blowdrys & no heat damage

Size matters.

Size matters.

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We’ve added a new series to the YS PARK STRETCH COLLAR collection.

The new collars are available in 0.6mm (that’s double the thickness & robustness of the current collars!)  in two colour combos, BLACK/BLACK and BLACK/RED.

Check out the new collars here!

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A Storm Is Brewing…
  • 2011-05-26 (Thu)
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We couldn’t help but share this amazing cutom laser design!

Its a mythical skyscape of two ancient Japanese gods, Fujin (god of wind) and Raijin (god of thunder). Fujin traditionally carries a cloth bag out of which he produces wind and Raijin has a set of drums with which he creates thunder.

Hope the gods bring good fortune and dramatic creative cuts!

Fujin - the mythical Japanese God of Wind

Fujin - the mythical Japanese God of Wind

Storm scene of the Japanese Gods of Wind & Thunder

Storm scene of the Japanese Gods of Wind & Thunder

Title on the bottom blade.

Title on the bottom blade.

Custom designed artwork!

Custom designed artwork!

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YS #332 has landed…but don’t read the packet!


Some things are so ahead of their game that instead of reading the instructions on the packet its quicker to just to use it and discover the difference for yourself.

The YS PARK 332 is just so. One look at its unique shape and you know its special.

Simply put you get the best of both worlds. The fine teeth for precision cutting and smooth finishes while the chunky teeth are fantastic for quick cutting and wild finishes.

Need we say more? Check them out here!

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Bank Holiday Notice
  • 2011-04-21 (Thu)
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Bank Holidays are upon us! And this year we are being treated to a double whammy (Cheers for that Will & Kate!). So before we go dashing off to the seaside to catch a tan and eat ice-creams here’s our Bank holiday schedule. Please note the office will be closed and we will be unable to answer calls on the following dates but our web store will be operating as usual. Have a lovely Easter everyone!

22nd Closed Good Friday

23rd Closed

24th Closed Easter Sunday

25th Closed Easter Monday

26th – 28th Open normal office hours (9.00am – 6.00pm)

29th Closed Royal Wedding Bank Holiday

30th Closed

31st Closed

1st Closed May Bank Holiday

2nd Open normal office hours (9.00am – 6.00pm)

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Spring is here! And we’ve added a dash of Spring colour to our OSAKA scissors.

The new OSAKA ICE features 3D gem screws adding a bit of glitz and glamour to your scissors. Each size comes withs its own unique colour : 5.0″ Aquamarine / 5.5″ Ruby / 6.0″ Diamond / 6.5″ Jade and we even have a matching thinning scissor in Turquoise.

To check out the new OSAKA ICE click here!


ICE 5.0inch Aquamarine


ICE 5.5inch Ruby


ICE 6.0inch Diamond


ICE 6.5inch Jade


ICE Thinning

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Merci Beaucoup Le Figaro xxx
  • 2011-03-30 (Wed)
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Spring time is full of little surprises and we love ’em as much as the next spring chicken.

So when we saw we were unexpectedly featured in the French paper LeFigaro as the place to go for professional hair tools we felt a like a fresh breeze of optimism had blown open our office doors.

Anyway, here’s the link!

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Grazie Mille Tutti!!! Bologna Cosmoprof 2011



Thankyou to everybody who took the time to visit our stand at Bologna Cosmoprof!

Every year we make the 1500 mile round trip truck journey to Bologna, carrying our displays and sharpening equipment and its definately worth the effort.  Its one of our favourite shows as we get to meet our customers from all corners of the world. Close to 180,000 people visited the show this year over 4 days and walked around a show space 3 times the size of the Palace of Versailles!

This year we knocked out some great deals exclusive to the show that proved to be hugely popular, and showed all our upcoming products like the OSAKA ICE scissors and YS PARK CARBON TIGER brushes. Hot sellers were our PASSION AVANTI scissors, YS PARK Carbon combs, Vigo pouches and as usual the Italians went nuts for the YASAKA scissors.

Many thanks again to everyone that came, look forward to doing it all again next year!

  • 2011-03-01 (Tue)
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