Since 1980 Dowa International has been producing innovative products under the PASSION brand and today, we are also the official UK importer for YS PARK PRO TOOLS.

As scissor manufacturers, we are passionate about preserving traditional Japanese craftsmanship to maintain heritage whilst welcoming modern aspects of design and innovation. As a result, we feel we are able to bring a wide variety of scissors to suit every users need without compromising on quality.

We also pride ourselves in providing the best sharpening service in Europe, with many long-time customers from both the UK and abroad. We operate from our London office and service centre for the UK and European markets, whilst our Tokyo office serves the Japanese market. We can also be seen at various exhibitions such as Salon International (London, UK) and Cosmoprof (Bologna, Italy).

We feel we are our own biggest critics but we value any feedback or suggestions. Please come and visit our stand at trade shows we will always be happy to hear your opinions!

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