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YS #332 has landed…but don’t read the packet!


Some things are so ahead of their game that instead of reading the instructions on the packet its quicker to just to use it and discover the difference for yourself.

The YS PARK 332 is just so. One look at its unique shape and you know its special.

Simply put you get the best of both worlds. The fine teeth for precision cutting and smooth finishes while the chunky teeth are fantastic for quick cutting and wild finishes.

Need we say more? Check them out here!

Bank Holiday Notice
  • 2011-04-21 (Thu)
  • ALL


Bank Holidays are upon us! And this year we are being treated to a double whammy (Cheers for that Will & Kate!). So before we go dashing off to the seaside to catch a tan and eat ice-creams here’s our Bank holiday schedule. Please note the office will be closed and we will be unable to answer calls on the following dates but our web store will be operating as usual. Have a lovely Easter everyone!

22nd Closed Good Friday

23rd Closed

24th Closed Easter Sunday

25th Closed Easter Monday

26th – 28th Open normal office hours (9.00am – 6.00pm)

29th Closed Royal Wedding Bank Holiday

30th Closed

31st Closed

1st Closed May Bank Holiday

2nd Open normal office hours (9.00am – 6.00pm)



Spring is here! And we’ve added a dash of Spring colour to our OSAKA scissors.

The new OSAKA ICE features 3D gem screws adding a bit of glitz and glamour to your scissors. Each size comes withs its own unique colour : 5.0″ Aquamarine / 5.5″ Ruby / 6.0″ Diamond / 6.5″ Jade and we even have a matching thinning scissor in Turquoise.

To check out the new OSAKA ICE click here!


ICE 5.0inch Aquamarine


ICE 5.5inch Ruby


ICE 6.0inch Diamond


ICE 6.5inch Jade


ICE Thinning