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We try to make sure lefties aren’t left out (no pun intended). So whenever we’ve got the hottest new thing that’s taking the righties by storm we always make a dedicated left-handed version. The Kyoto Sprint Lefty is exactly that. A game changing pair of scissors that has really raised the bar for entry level scissors and of course we want to share it with our lefty friends. Extremely comfortable grip with a wider tail for extra support and a no nonsense high carbon steel blade that can slice through hair like a dream.

And have you seen the price? You can’t lose! To find out more click here!

Kyoto Sprint Lefty 5.0/5.5/6.0/6.5/ Thinning 5.5 -15% cut  £62.50 +vat  

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Add a splash of colour with some SHARKS!

For those who missed the Salon International launch the YS PARK SHARKS are here!

Available in 6 new eye-catching colours these Sharks have a beautiful anodised finish so you know they won’t chip. Same full strength spring to confidently hold even thin panels without leaving a mark. Check them out here! 


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YS PARK BEETLE brushes are in!

The Beetle brush comes with 100% boar bristles to coax out the hairs natural shine and creating a lustrous look.

Available in 2 bristle types, you can choose between the luxurious full boar 68AC1 brush which is ideal for a deeper glossier look with creamy texture, or the practical boar + pin 50AC2 brush which allows for easier styling. How different are they to the Tortoise brushes? Firstly, the 30 hole vent body on the Beetle brushes feel more robust and solid than the YS Park Tortoise brushes lighter wooden frame. Secondly the more pronounced curvature of the bristle pad lets you create more tension through the hair making life a lot easier when brushing from underneath hair panels.

Check out the new Beetle brushes here!














































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For fans of swivel action, the new OSAKA VEGA is a dream come true with double rotational axis for swivelling & dipping. There’s a lot more we want to say about the new VEGA, but after 10 years we guessed it would be better to let the scissors do the talking.

Check out the new VEGA here!














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What do you get when you cross the KYOTO best sellers with YS PARK best sellers? The ultimate kit with everything you really need for precision cutting at an incredible price. The complete set comes with KYOTO SPRINT cutting scissors, KYOTO SPRINT thinning scissors, YS PARK G39 guide comb, YS PARK aluminium clips and a functional tool roll. Great for all levels of cutting.  Check them out here!

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Look what we got!!!

The new YS PARK FLEX CARBON COMBS combines robust carbon durability with super soft flex. It sounds like a paradox but like ying & yang the dual properties of these combs bring indestructive toughness to your scissor-over-comb needs. They are softer than the popular YS 234 & YS 232 barbering combs which mean easier control against the scalp without having to dig into your clients head to achieve super close cuts.

Check out the new YS FLEX CARBON family of combs here

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NEW!!! YS G45 & YS 345

Its here at last!

The newest addition to the YS PARK PRO TOOLS is the long awaited and highly anticipated YS 345 & the guide version G45. They are in short a beefier version of the popular YS 335. Whatever the 335 has these new combs have more of! Reinforced spine to withstand heavy handling, longer teeth to pick up more hair, gappier teeth (on the rough side) for speedier pull-throughs and overall slightly longer length. (Thats 5 whole millimeters longer if anyone is asking!)

The YS 345 is currently available in white with the Carbon version being added very soon.

The G45 is avaliable in white, pink & red.

To check out the new G45 combs click here! For the new YS 345 click here!


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Happy New Year xxx 2013 !!!
  • 2013-01-02 (Wed)
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The new year in Japan starts with a visit to the local shrine to pray for peace, health & happiness. What more could you possibly ask for right? We hope 2013 brings our friends & customers a fantastic year and we look forward to seeing you again soon whether its at the shows, or in our offices in London or Tokyo.

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  • 2012-12-04 (Tue)
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There are hair pins and there are hair pins. Tough, reliable and intelligently designed the YS PARK PINS are the latter. The YS PARK PIN COLLECTION is available in a variety of shapes & sizes to match the hair you are styling and the shape you want to achieve.  They make the 3 seconds while thay are in your hand and being applied to hair as quick & stress-free as possible whilst the hours gripped to the scalp is comfortable yet secure. What more could you ask for? Check out the new YS PARK PIN COLLECTION here!


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It’s here at last!

The YS PARK HEAD FIT RULER is bringing some science into the world of hair education. For the first time beginners can replicate a step-by-step and self-check their results by themselves. Educators are able to explain the geometry of the head with ease and show how to get into the habit of increasing accuracy when cutting. Available in 3 sizes and also as a complete trio. Check out the HEAD FIT RULER here! 

To see the video click here!

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For those of you who didn’t catch it at Salon International, we present to you for the first time ever the YS PARK HEAD FIT RULER. It is the only tool in the world which accurately measures the length and angle of hair from the scalp. This means that beginners are for the first time ever able to accurately self-check their cuts and get into a habit of pulling out precise 90 degree panels. Finding the right angle? Easy-peasy! Graduated bobs? No problemo.

The YS PARK HEAD FIT RULER will be available here from December!

Check our link here to see the HEAD FIT RULER in action!

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Arigato & Sayonara Crazy Hot xxx
  • 2012-10-29 (Mon)
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We are the bearers of some very sad news…

The YS PARK CRAZY HOT brushes will no longer be in production due to the sudden retirement of the craftsmen who have been lovingly carving up these amazing brushes. YS60H1 & YS56H2 are already out of stock whilst the others sizes although we still have in stock, unfortunately will disappear from our shelves on on a first-come-first-buy basis.

100% individually hand made in Japan these brushes are a work of art and sadly now is the last chance to get your hands on the remaining few.

On a more happy note YS PARK have some ideas for a replacement model in the future so we’ll keep you updated!

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