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NEW!!! YS G45 & YS 345

Its here at last!

The newest addition to the YS PARK PRO TOOLS is the long awaited and highly anticipated YS 345 & the guide version G45. They are in short a beefier version of the popular YS 335. Whatever the 335 has these new combs have more of! Reinforced spine to withstand heavy handling, longer teeth to pick up more hair, gappier teeth (on the rough side) for speedier pull-throughs and overall slightly longer length. (Thats 5 whole millimeters longer if anyone is asking!)

The YS 345 is currently available in white with the Carbon version being added very soon.

The G45 is avaliable in white, pink & red.

To check out the new G45 combs click here! For the new YS 345 click here!


Happy New Year xxx 2013 !!!
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The new year in Japan starts with a visit to the local shrine to pray for peace, health & happiness. What more could you possibly ask for right? We hope 2013 brings our friends & customers a fantastic year and we look forward to seeing you again soon whether its at the shows, or in our offices in London or Tokyo.