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Honestly? This is one true beauty of a beast…and we are so stoked!

May we proudly introduce to the world (preview snippets of!) our new flagship model the PASSION COBALT ORCA.

What’s unique about the ORCA? POWER…and lots of it. Release the beast that is the ORCA and you’ll find that you will be effortlessly stroking through the most wiry, coarse hair that nature can throw at you.

But it doesn’t stop there, the points aren’t the chunky thick ends that you get with other powerful blades. They’re finer and flatter letting you carry on with your usual slicing, point cutting and detailed technical cutting.

Ok, but lets not get carried away.  The Orca won’t be launched until SALON INTERNATIONAL in October and we only have 6 test prototypes in the UK which are still hard at work in salons up and down the country (on strict orders to be kept working until they start to feel blunt!). But so far with the rave reviews lavished on the ORCA  our only worry is whether we’ll ever get our test models back…

No better brush than YS PARK G-Series for heavenly hair.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better but it does for the YS PARK G-Series brushes.

Its better for straightening, better for creating BIG hair,  & better for faster blowdrys.

All this is good news because this summer YS PARK are adding not 1, but 2 new sizes to their best selling G-series brushes. The 65G0 & 66GW0 both add 5mm in overall brush length over the current biggest size 60G1 and an impressive 6-8mm to the boar bristle diameter.

Better yet the 2 new jumbo sizes feature 286 air holes in the wood core barrel allowing hot air to circulate through the hair (not just around it) reducing risk of heat damage and slashing your blow time.

And all this in aid of creating heavenly hair. What more can you ask for?

Left to Right 60G1, 65G0, 66GW0

Left to Right 60G1, 65G0, 66GW0

286 air holes (count them!) in the barrel for speedy blowdrys & no heat damage

286 air holes (count them!) in the barrel for speedy blowdrys & no heat damage

Size matters.

Size matters.