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We hear the sound of wood being sawed from our warehouse, we smell fresh paint wafting through to our office and sense our stress levels hitting new heights.

It can only mean one thing. Salon International is just around the corner!

The biggest hair event in the UK is on for 3 days October 15-17 at the ExCeL in London. We will be bringing all the new products like new PASSION COBALT ORCA, OSAKA ICE, KYOTO PHOENIX, YS PARK GREEN COMBS & TORTOISE BRUSHES that we will launch at the show as well as providing on-the-spot scissor servicing. Leave your scissors with us when you arrive and pick them up on your way out. We will sharpen, polish, balance and check them while you enjoy the rest of the day’s events.

Make sure you get advance tickets for a discounted price at here!





Honestly? This is one true beauty of a beast…and we are so stoked!

May we proudly introduce to the world (preview snippets of!) our new flagship model the PASSION COBALT ORCA.

What’s unique about the ORCA? POWER…and lots of it. Release the beast that is the ORCA and you’ll find that you will be effortlessly stroking through the most wiry, coarse hair that nature can throw at you.

But it doesn’t stop there, the points aren’t the chunky thick ends that you get with other powerful blades. They’re finer and flatter letting you carry on with your usual slicing, point cutting and detailed technical cutting.

Ok, but lets not get carried away.  The Orca won’t be launched until SALON INTERNATIONAL in October and we only have 6 test prototypes in the UK which are still hard at work in salons up and down the country (on strict orders to be kept working until they start to feel blunt!). But so far with the rave reviews lavished on the ORCA  our only worry is whether we’ll ever get our test models back…

Thankyou for visiting us at Salon Int 2010!



A big thankyou to everyone who took the time to time and effort to wade through the crowd at Salon International 2010 and visit our stand. As always its an immense pleasure to have the oppurtunity to show you our new products and also hear your all important feedback. We’re really lucky to have a loyal customer base who come back year after year and give us their frank opinions and suggestions.
All your ideas are put to work so that we have a better line up of products & prices the following year.
Many thanks again.
Hope to see you next year! X

Put your questions to Mr Park! @ ExCeL London Oct 16-17


Ever wished your YS PARK comb came in different shape?

Not sure which brush size is the right size for you?

 A reknowned hair stylist with 6 salons across Tokyo and charismatic designer of all YS PARK products Mr. Park will have all the answers to your queries. He will be on the Dowa International stand (F150) on the 16th & 17th October  to answer any questions and is keen to listen to any suggestions you may have.

Salon International 2010 @ ExCeL London Oct 16-18


Make a date for the UK’s biggest hair show!

Come and visit our stand (F150) to check out all our new products for 2011.
We’ve got the exciting new PASSION COBALT ECLIPSE as well as many new YS PARK products to launch.
As usual Passion Service Centre is decamping to the Docklands for the weekend so remember to bring your scissors!

For more info visit www.salonexhibitions.co.uk