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Thankyou for everyone who visited us (& helped us) at COSMOPROF 2012 in Bologna, Italy!

 We enjoyed bringing the new products to the show and seeing the amazing reactions we got. Products that did well generating interest were the PASSION MICROLIGHT & PASSION PHANTOM scissors. We were also showing the new YS PARK GUIDE COMBS and offering the YS PARK BRUSHES at special fiera prices. The LAP 32 brushes did really way as well as the Carbon Tiger brushes!

Its a long way to haul our sharpening equpment and exhibition displays, but for us its totally worth the 2000 mile round-trip. Meeting stylists and distributors at shows helps us to improve our product line and also catch up on how last years purchases have performed over the year. Most of all we enjoy going to Italy.

Hope to see you all next year!