The 2 shanks are the same length and usually of symmetrical design.


The 2 shanks are different lengths. The thumb side is shorter allowing your thumb to sit in its natural position and relieve stress in your wrist and shoulders.


Also known as convex blades. This means the inside surface of the blade (the surface that faces each other when cutting) is not flat but slightly hollow. A bit like a pipe cut in half. When cutting the only section where the two blades meet is at the rims of the blades. This means that every ounce of energy created by your cutting motion is channeled to the edges and not lost on surface friction.The result is an incredibly smooth and powerful cut. We use hollow ground blades for all our scissors.


Scissors with a curved, clam shaped outer face.


All Passion scissors have been made under the process of steel tempering. It's a multi step forging process of repeated heating, stamping, shaping and cooling to subzero conditions. This process toughens and improves the steel by destroying any impurities and eliminating cavities. The result is a long lasting pair of scissors that is pretty much immune from permanent damage.


A very rare type of stainless steel made by the repeated layering and folding of two types of steel with opposing properties; one hard and one soft. The eventual result of this painstaking forging process is a beautiful steel billet with visible marbled lines running through the internal structure of the metal. These multiple layers of steel help to absorb the vibration caused when closing the scissors creating an extremely soft cutting sensation.


A type of steel which contains high levels of hard metals such as molybdenum, vanadium and cobalt. In terms of scissors manufacture "hardness" translates as sharpness and durability. Cobalt alloys are also lighter than normal stainless steel alloys making them the perfect material for scissors. At Dowa International we use 3 types of cobalt steel the ATS314, Cobalt Special and VG10.


The standard material for scissors. Stainless steel scissors are hard working materials perfect for salon use as their metal composition protects them from corrosion. There are numerous types of stainless steel alloys but we choose to use two of them the 440A and 440C. The 440A and 440C display almost identical properties in terms of scissor cutting and are ideal as they are hard and durable. Furthermore they are one of the few stainless alloys that don't contain any nickel. This makes them suitable for those who suffer from nickel allergy.