YS H246

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Step up your fade game with the YSPARK MAMBO H246 comb and give a tailored finish to your gents cuts. Same shape but more rigid than the YS246, the YS H246 stands up better to the weight of clippers. The consistent 2mm thick non-tapered square teeth creates a generous flat cutting surface for faster scissors-over-combing whilst the flexibility of the material gives a skin close cut. Signature YS PARK gradually pitched teeth allows combing with even tension from handle to tip and no sagging of hair or dragging sensation from the tip of the comb. The grooves in the spine allows you to lead the hair in the desired direction. The result is a responsive, quick comb that keeps up with your cutting pace. Available in classic black, ideal for lighter coloured hair and orange, ideal for all hair colours.

Length: 185mm

Thickness: 2mm

Combination of product variants is not available

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