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Boar bristles are all about creating natural shine and creamy texture to hair by coaxing down the keratin scales of the hair and coating it with a sheen of your natural hair oil. The YS PARK DARUMA brush is a series of 100% boar bristle round brushes, best for incredible shine and long lasting style. The barrel and grip has been carved into a hollow wood construction for light handed movement. The Air holes in the barrel increase air circulation preventing heat damage to the hair and allowing the hair to dry faster. Use medium heat and high air flow setting on your blow dryer for best results.

Available in 5 sizes

Boar Bristle Diameter / Curl Diameter

YS 80DA1 77mm/192.5mm £65.00

YS 59DA4 48mm/120mm £49.17

YS 55DA5 42mm/105mm £45.83

YS 50DA6 38mm/95mm £41.67

YS 46DA7 34mm/85mm £38.33


Combination of product variants is not available

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