100% natural boar bristles means 100% natural shine.
But what is natural shine? Natural shine is healthy hair that reflects light using its clean surface and its own natural oil. No chemicals, no flat irons, just hair looking at its best in its beautiful natural form. Boar bristles not only attract and remove dirt from the hair, but also close the keratin scales on the outer layer of hair and distributes the hair’s natural oil from the scalp where it’s secreted down to the tip of each strand of hair. It’s the holy grail of hair beauty all in one sweep of the brush. The YS PARK DARUMA BRUSH series takes these incredible features of the boar bristles and fuses it with YS PARK’s signature design. Antibacterial nano-silver coated hollow wood core with air holes for hot air circulation, oversize hexagonal grip for confident grip and a slim neck for control. Put together, the DARUMA brush delivers incredible shine, long lasting styles and faster drying times.